Raising the Roof on the Monttessuy Center for the Arts

Following the completion of our new flagship building, the Quai d’Orsay Learning Commons, we are thrilled to announce the next exciting stage in our campus redevelopment plan: The Monttessuy Center for the Arts. Subsequent to the AUP Library’s move into the Learning Commons, the University is set to repurpose the library’s former location on rue de Monttessuy as a hub for artistic life on campus, bringing students and faculty together through creative pursuits in a state-of-the-art teaching facility – complete with AUP’s first auditorium.

AUP's art history programs have attracted students and distinguished faculty to Paris for decades, and the launch of a fine arts major in 2014 further bolstered student interest – participation across these two programs has increased by 270% in the last five years. The Monttessuy Center for the Arts caters to this growing interest in arts programs among majors and non-majors alike. As well as its auditorium, the Monttessuy redevelopment will include several studios, improved classrooms and student exhibition spaces.

Your help is urgently needed to make this ambitious goal a reality. The project will be funded entirely by community support, and construction will not begin until we have secured the €1.5 million needed to complete the renovations. An education in the arts, especially in a global institution such as AUP, teaches the most universal of languages in a world of differences. Will you help us achieve this next milestone in the full renovation of our campus? We invite you to join us at this special moment in AUP history by considering a gift to The Monttessuy Center for the Arts. Please also consider sharing this incredible project with fellow art enthusiasts and alumni of the University; simply send them the link to www.aup.edu/monttessuy2020.

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Check out this short video created by AUP student Carlo Frescobaldi to highlight this exciting new project.


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