It is with great excitement that the students in the Development Communications course at AUP, invite you to participate in an initiative begun by AUP students last year to deliver used laptops to students in Mombasa, Kenya. Pass the Tech works in tandem with Hatua Likoni, an NGO near Mombasa that supports students in the transition between secondary school and university. In an attempt to build upon their classmates’ initiative, the students have also established a relationship with Kiron, a local NGO in Paris, that assists refugees in attaining higher education through an online platform.


They would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make a presentation about Pass the Tech at your respective offices in an effort to solicit even more interest in our initiative. There is also a plan to conduct a laptop pick-up in early December, and would appreciate any and all donations.

Please contact us for any additional information or laptop pick-ups at:

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